Monday 28 April 2014

Project: Spare Room (part 1)

Over the past few years our spare room has become our holding station, work room and storage solution while we s-l-o-w-l-y do up the rest of the house.

project: spare room - part 1

It is one of those jobs that had languished at the bottom of the to do list for a long time, with no real priority, because it is just the spare room, and that's what everyone's spare room is for.

Then... a baby came along... and our spare room is suddenly needed as an actual bedroomI say suddenly as if the year of trying and the 9 months of pregnancy somehow eluded me and out of the blue a 5-month-old arrived on my doorstep.

We try to keep the house as clutter free as possible, or at least that is our goal but the spare room has always been a weak spot - and a place to hide the things we aren't ready to part with just yet.

Every now and then I brave the clutter to free one or two treasures from the midst of the junk and tools and sawdust and boxes. But it really needs a major clear out. There are boxes in there which we haven't unpacked in the 7 years we have called this cottage 'Home'.

Here is our starting point
Project: spare room part 1 -  Our Handmade Home

Along with everything you can see in the photos there is also...

A huge selection of wine making equipment 
Another bedside table (we got them on Freegle 18 months ago and frequently debate whether or not I should fix them up)
Box of Small's toys
A stack of slate tiles left over from tiling the hearth
Offcuts  of wood, etc
A couple of bags of Action Force toys
Our large selection of hand tools and power tools
Plumbing, electrical, tiling, plastering equipment and parts.
A box of baby toys
and loads more besides

I'll be posting frequent updates to how we are getting on along the way...

Wish me luck!

*rolls up sleeves
*dives in

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