Monday, 5 May 2014

Project: Spare Room Part 2

Project: Spare Room part 2 Our Handmade Home

Look people... an empty shelf!!!

It has been a week since we started clearing out our spare room, for it is no longer spare, it is required for Teeny.

So far we have laboriously sorted through:

2 boxes of electrical and wiring bits and bobs
A box of plumbing bits and bobs

We have kept 2 of about 30 posters: Mogwai and The Cure

We have given away:
A big backpackers rucksack
Most of my winemaking stuff
About 20 glass jars
A set-top digibox

We have come up with projects for:
The old cot
A couple of the old bottles
One of the old posters

Dug up from my sisters garden... most were broken

We took a trip to the dump with:
3 bags of rubbish
The old cot mattress
Old Curtain poles
A broken step-stool
Broken speakers
Off cuts of worktop

Either empty or all dried up

We have found homes for:
Action Force toys (adopted by Small)
My guitar - I took it out of the bag and tuned it... Yipee!
The wood has joined the rest of our timber in the bathroom (hmm... yes... well... at least its all in one place)
The power-tools have been relocated to the shed.
The usable paint is under the stairs

I think we'll get the room emptied this week and then onwards to turning it in to a nursery


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