Tuesday 17 June 2014

My Beautiful Overgrown Garden

I'm embracing the wild in my garden, I'm enjoying nature at work, the weeds, the bugs, the critters, the weeds, the sky-high grass, the surprising fruit bushes, the weeds (did I mention the weeds)

I have worked hard over the past 7 years to make our 1/3 acre tidy and productive, I have cut grass and turned compost, built a polytunnel, planted seeds, dug beds, collected a great many blisters, and loads of meals from our home grown veg and eggs

The Mini-holding has never been perfect, it has always had areas neglected, or where I just couldn't shift the nettles, but I have plans and dreams of what it will one day become, and it has always been a pleasant place to chillax.

It's seriously 4 ft tall

My physiotherapist has told me to stay away from gardening for A YEAR so I am trying, very hard (can you tell) to embrace our fallow year... and watch the weeds nature take hold again. (John can do some, but he is busy enough, and it's always been my thing)

The view INSIDE the polytunnel and some pretty slate signs.
Bottom right is my 3 giant compost bins - you can't even see them in this photo. *head/desk

I hope that I am better before the start of next spring so I don't have to see my garden look like this again.

On the plus side - there are loads of fruit bushes and wild flowers around... and seriously, it's nothing that a few whacks with a strimmer and some heavy mulching won't solve.

I'm breathing deeply and telling myself it will all be fine again some day...

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  1. Gardens can lie fallow for years and then be brought back to life, it can wait xxxx


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