Wednesday 9 July 2014

Fixing Broken Brio Track

We inherited a HUGEMUNGULOUS box of pre-loved Brio when our friend moved out of our village. A few of the more exciting pieces were missing their pegs and had sat in our not-spare-spare-room for a few months before I eventually got round to fixing them.

I don't always update the blog with the wee things I do that make our home 'handmade' - this is one of them.

ouch! sorry boys!

I used the hacksaw to cut the 'male' bits off of a few bits of track that were damaged in other ways (a couple had been coloured in with felt-tip pen)

I sanded down the rough edges.

Then I Superglued them to the broken pieces of track

Then I won the award for:
'Best Mum Ever Who Can Fix Anything'!


What I definitely did NOT do:

  • Superglue my hand to a piece of brio track (Yeah, I did)
  • Superglue a piece of paper to the table (Yeah, I did)
  • Play with them too soon and have to re-glue (Yeah I did)
  • Mistake Superglue for eyedrops and get rushed to hospital (I didn't do this, but one of my siblings once did - so at least I know it runs in the family)

The Nitty Gritty:

  • I couldn't find any on-line tips for doing this, so I made it up as I went along...
  • I had quite a few broken and messed up bits of brio track, I fixed the most exciting bits at the expense of the less-than-perfect bits.
  • A cheapo baby hacksaw - fitted with a wood blade.
  • A sanding sponge block: grade 120 - you could use a wee bit of fine sandpaper, or an emery board (which are brilliant for sanding tiny things)
  • Superglue - in the USA I think you call it Krazyglue? its the stuff that sticks anything to anything else... especially skin.


  1. Brio is great and the one thing I have kept to hand down through the generations.

  2. It is so expensive to buy too, I was delighted to be given some to add to our collection.


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