Tuesday 9 December 2014

This is a Rhino, Not a Mummy Blog.

I never wanted to be a 'Mummy blogger', I don't think y'all care what my kids didn't eat at dinner time or how they misbehaved when we had company.  Some Mummy/Daddy bloggers do it really well, and make intriguing reading.

I want to be blogging about painting, sewing, sanding, and my plans for cooking Boxing Day Dinner for 27, and maybe even a bit of furniture re-arranging,...

But then I was up all night when the baby puked into every crevice of his bed, and the 8YO came down with a stinking cold the day before her choir concert, and I realised we hadn't started the Christmas shopping, and I have mountains of laundry to catch up on (due, in part to the sick baby, and in part to me being busy with DIY last week)

This turn of events has given me a certain kind of writers block, I just can't get my head around writing anything other than Mummy, baby, kid stuff.

So today, I share with you, not a DIY project but a photo of a rhino. There is no real reason to put up a photo of a rhino, but this is my space, and I want to.

Enjoy :)

I took this myself. I was in a car. In Scotland.
Normal service will resume shortly....

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