Tuesday 11 August 2015

Project: Teeny's Room (part 1)

To see where we have come form with this room, click through to Spare Room - part 1, part 2 and part 3 - but it's not the Spare Room, in that, it is not spare, it is Teeny's Room, and he is desperate for a room all of his own.

Every spare minute I have had for the past month I have spent taping the plasterboard joints and filling the screw holes - which is finally done. (Spare time for me is about 1 hour in the evening 3 times a week, and maybe a couple of hours over a weekend, so it has taken a while). Anywhoos I began sanding the walls, and I am not good at the sanding, I'm not strong enough - physically or emotionally, I lose the will to live within the hour, when faced with a mammoth filthy task I hate, but I'm also stubborn as a mule, so I persevered (at least for an hour at a time)

Our Handmade Home - Plaster dust

As I finished sanding each wall I painted that wall - it makes sense for us to seal and brighten each wall in the room as we go - and it gives me a little light relief after all that nasty sanding.

Our Handmade Home - 3rd Bedroom Door

So now that the basic flat bits are under control it is time to turn our attention to the chimney breast wall. This was originally boxed in and we have opened it up. The chimney is still all there but currently has jackdaws nesting in it, and would also need lined before we would use it.

Before we were lucky enough to have a second child I had imagined this room would be a cosy office-studio, perhaps with a little wood burner and a big cosy sofa... but a wood burner isn't really appropriate in a toddlers room. Never the less, we like the feature of an original chimney breast and I have begun giving it a thin, shapely coat of lime plaster (much like the rubble wall in the living room)

Our Handmade Home - Brick Chimney Breast

You might notice some brown yuckiness on the chimney breast. We suspect this is tar which has seeped through the chimney over the last hundred or so years. After some research I have decided to seal it with a 50:50 PVA and water mix. I'm not overly confident it will work but it is worth trying.

Meanwhile... my other half, has a couple of days off work *woot* So with this being our top priority I am hoping to get loads more done over the next few days.

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