Tuesday 28 July 2015

Quick Shower Room Make Over

Around 2 years ago our shower room developed that hideous black mould that tends to crop up in small, damp, dark rooms - the walls weren't bad, but the ceiling... bleuch!!

Every couple of months I would scrub the horrendous mouldy ceiling with some equally horrendous bleachy spray and it would clear up, for a few weeks, before it started coming back.

So we invested in some Dulux Bathroom + paint.

I bleached the ceiling and crevices the day before painting, to allow it to dry thoroughly.

I spent a whole afternoon painting pure brilliant white over pure brilliant white.... MY EYES!!! MY EYES!!!

After a considerable amount of mulling, I also decided to paint the window frame, to bounce around more light; I'm so glad I did, I love the result. (For this I used an 'everywhere' paint we had lying around, but I must get some nice eggshell to do the second coat) 

I also decided to upgrade little shelf which hides the toilet air vent. I had temporarily placed a 'roughly-the-right-size' bit of scrap plasterboard there, and there it stayed, for 4 years... Now it is replaced with a beautiful little oak off-cut from our kitchen worktops.

Our wee shower room is surprisingly much brighter (It is fresher + tidy + slightly shiny paint + white window frame) 3 weeks now since painting and no sign of the dreaded black mould returning. Nice result for a couple of hours work.

The room still needs new flooring, probably vinyl, though we'd love a rubber floor and I will finish up the painting when that gets done.

The Nitty Gritty
  • The Paint I used was Dulux Bathroom + in Pure Brilliant White Soft Sheen. It is important to mix the paint well and even more important to allow it to dry before exposing it to moisture - This is our only shower so as soon as I had finished I set up the dehumidifier and left it running through the night. The paint does not get very good reviews but I found it perfect.
  • The tiles are the cheapest 15cm squarewhite tiles  (like these) laid in a brick pattern, to make it look much fancier, we tiled this room 4 years ago, I wish I had been brave enough to pick a dark grout.

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