Saturday 13 February 2016

Our Next BIG Renovation Project!

We still have a long way to go in our renovations. This next room we are about to tackle hasn't been touched since we bought the house. It is the most disgusting, embarrassing and difficult room in the whole house.

When I say we haven't touched it, well, that's not quite true - When we moved into Snowdrop Cottage the hallway was decorated with wallpaper and paint and laminate flooring... and rising damp.

So we had the rising damp treated - the bottom metre of plaster was stripped off of the wall. Most of the wallpaper was peeled off or fell off, and I ripped up the (now-trashed) laminate flooring.

That is just how the hallway has stayed, we had the extension built and re-built - Snowdrop Cottage is a terraced house and EVERYTHING for the build had to come through this hall. And so it came to be forgotten... well not forgotten exactly, I mean we walk through it and use the hall several times every day... but we try to ignore it, we close our eyes and move fast and sing *la la la la la la*

So this is our hall, as it stands - what a god-awful mess! It's a terrible embarrassment when anyone comes to the front door.

There is just not enough space, it is badly arranged, it is long and narrow, there is nowhere to hang a coat or store the buggies, we need to squeeze through the wheelie bin and fire-wood deliveries, it is always messy and dirty and cramped and I hate it.... bleuch!!

But I have plans, BIG PLANS and I will share them with you soon my friends, soon... No idea why I had to turn into a Bond Villain just there, but I did

Before we go any further... is it a hallway or a lobby do you think? I like the word 'lobby' it seems grand 'Lobby' hmm.... yes I think so... "Lobby"!

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