Tuesday 9 February 2016

Taking the 'Dot Com' Plunge

We finally made the leap to our own .com !

Last night John and I sat side by side on the sofa, pressed all the buttons and tweaked all the knobs... not like that... you people, honestly... tsk.

It was a bit of cutting and pasting of chunks of code in the backrooms. We followed several sets of poor instructions. Then we crossed our fingers and pressed 'save' and IT WORKED!
Instructions we followed included this out-dated one from Wonderforest and this incomplete one from Google.

We are now - www.Our-Handmade-Home.com


We bought the domain name an age ago from GoDaddy and always planned to do the big switch but it was daunting, in fact several months ago I was just ready to make the leap but then, well I just couldn't do the deed. Like most things procrastinated over, I wish we had made the switch much sooner.

I still have to update all the places I've linked to the blog over the years and there is still an uncomfortable amount of internal links that we need to manually change *yawn*

Worst of all, and this is something I find baffling and frustrating, we can no longer link google+ comments to the blog so all our lovely readers comments got left behind.

I was fully aware it would be a step back before we can move forward to world domination a more professional and tidier appearance.

It is exciting though!

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