Friday 14 December 2018

The Second D.I.Y of Christmas - 2 Christmas Hats

Teeny has been asking for a Christmas Pudding hat for a couple of years, and of course Small had to have an equally novel hat, so we settled on a tree.

Christmas Tree Pudding Hat - Our Handmade Home

They are both knitted in the round with Drops Big Merino (100% wool, non-scratchy)

The Christmas Pudding hat is on the big side, but Teeny loves it and I guess it means it will fit him for many Christmases to come.

top of xmas pudding hat - Our Handmade Home

The Xmas Pudding hat made in Mocca 05 and Off White 01 with details in Forest Green 14 and some scraps of red wool I had lying around. Very roughly following the Luuk pattern on ravelry, but without the purl rows and reducing the amount of rows by 5 before the decreases (which wasn't enough, hence the too bigness)
The transition from brown to white I just made up as I went along. The holly leaves are made following this pattern but omitting the YO sections, so as to make for a tighter knit.

Christmas Tree Knitted Hat - Our Handmade Home

The Christmas Tree is made following the Luuk pattern on ravelry in Forest Green 14 with the star made in Off White 01 following this pattern. I sewed 2 stars together and mounted them on the hat, used little colourful buttons from my stash as 'baubles'

handknitted xmas hat pattern - Our Handmade Home

Total cost - £10
Total time - roughly 8 hours
Total Christmassy rating - 10/10 (I mean, what is Christmas without a novelty hat??)

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