Friday 26 October 2007

Moving on

We have had our expected visit from the boss of the damp proofing company... as expected, the majority of the work, which we firmly believe to be sub-standard, is 'acceptable' to him. As for the large hole in the wall, he has conceeded to come back and repair that.

Instead of getting yet more upset and angry about the whole thing we have decided that we need to start rebuilding our home and our lives. We should put this behind us and start our uphill struggle to get the house back into a reasonable condition for a young family. Unfortunatley the house will never be perfect, the work we have had done has already reduced the quality of the building, hopefully we can make it comfortable, clean and warm, and carry on with our lives.

Musing of the day

The other night I was in Woolworths - buying stickers to label my jams and chutneys, and I found myself doing some people watching.

I stood in the queue for 10 minutes just looking at what everyone else was buying for their children huge 'Peppa Pig' and 'Dora the Explorer' toys, racing cars, overflowing bags of sweets and it just mad me think of the things we force on our children. While Es favourite toys do include plastic fisher-price building blocks and overpriced cuddley toys (which we bought for her , I do not deny) they also include a wooden spoon and some hand-me-down picture books.

I wonder if the children in the queue have the opportunity to play with such things or if their lives are filled with multi-coloured plastic, do their senses suffer continuous stimulation with electronic noises and flashing lights? Does this de-sensitise them from the real world around them?

If we choose to bring E up differently are we neglecting her? Are we hampering her development? or are we simply allowing her to grow up in her own time and learn from the world around her, even if that does alienate her from her piers.

Update on the spooky pumkins

I am afraid nothing as interesting as the conspiricay I was hoping for... they are 'grown for decoration rather than flavour' They are not inedible, they just don't taste nice. Still, I see no reason for it, can't supermarkets sell varieties that are good for both eating and decoration. Well, next year, we shall grow our own... I hope.

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