Monday 20 June 2011

The Garden Bedroom

E had been asking for a year if she could have a 'Garden Bedroom'

It took 6 weeks of sanding, plastering, insulating, varnishing and painting

- - -

Then 2 days of designing and hand painting with a no.1 (ie. very small) paintbrush

Well she finally got what she asked for

and some butterflies to chase too...
Butterflies inspired by Charlie and Lola - exactly her most favourite and her best show EVER!

E got what she wanted - Her Garden Room

Dad got what he wanted - No Pink!

and I got what I wanted - A Happy Girl - 
who now has a place to play and draw and dance and dress-up without getting under my feet ;o)

One room done!


The Nitty Gritty:
  • The walls are painted with Crown Pure Brilliant White Matt Emulsion
  • The Wood work with Crown Satin (for wood) in Pure Brilliant White
  • The tree, flowers and butterflies were hand painted in dulux emulsion we had left over from previous homes (I suggest some sampler pots if you plan something similar)
  • The Dolls House is Pintoy Woodlands Wooden Dolls House

I was listening to:

  • God Only Knows by the Beach Boys came on the ipod while I was painting.... I'm not ashamed to admit I blubbed :'o)


  1. Good one Snow, looks like you have a real eye for detail - at first I thought they were decals! Like the idea of pink-free girls rooms - if only..
    Hi from Australia, saw you on ish forum.
    Merewether Life

  2. Thanks Bwendo :) I was inspired by decals, but didn't like any one style and besides, they can be way too expensive for my pocket ;o)

  3. It's beautiful, and I'm loving the Charlie and Lola-et Ness of it.


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