Thursday 16 June 2011

Simple Living - Full Audit

When we are unpacking there are some things that put an 
instant smile on my face :)

Our Cornish Blue Jug that we were given for our wedding :)

And some others that I just think... 
"Ach! what am I going to do with these??"

Enough mugs to open a coffee shop, and loads of barely used babyfood dishes...

- - - 

We had 2 options... 
A - Put the things we 'don't know what to do with' at the backs of the cupboards, in the loft and in the shed.... in case we ever need them again


B - Have a major clear out

So we have decided to go through a full stuff audit...

Everything we have is being assessed for actual need and want
We are Ebaying, Freecycling and charity shopping what we have no need for.

- - - 

“Have nothing in your house that you do not know to be useful, or believe to be beautiful”
- William Morris

 - - -

But there is so much more to it that that...

Case Study: Pasta Bowls

These were our pasta bowls that we used for almost every dinner time for the past 8 years... they are plain white and have a lovely oversized serving dish that goes with them.... It had been a set of 4 but one was lost to the God of Oops about 6 years ago

They are useful, and I believe them to be really rather attractive...

But then we bought these as an anniversary gift to ourselves (they were £1.50 each in a sale...)
There are 4 matching ones.

But we don't NEED 7 pasta bowls... So the older ones are going to go

I'm not very good at throwing things out or giving things away, but I have come to believe that it will make my life simpler to have fewer belongings. We have lived out of a suitcase for 8 out of the last 18 months...  We have come to appreciate what we actually like and want around us.

I am one of those people who thinks 'I'll turn it into a...' 'I'll use it for a...' or 'this will come in handy' about almost anything... but I'm learning to accept that:
I am better passing it on to someone who will

I'll end with this quote from one of my favourite blogs 
No one of us ever said, “I hope I have a big house full of things that I bought just because they were on sale.”


  1. Well done on the clearing! We get forced into a bit of an audit/destash every time we move (we live in rented), but after a year in one place I can feel the clutter rising. Definitely going to find the time for a clear out after the wedding is over in July.

  2. That last quote made me laugh!
    Except in my case it's a small house....



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