Friday 9 September 2016

Lobby Renovation - Part 4

Our main problem in the lobby was storage for all those jackets, coats, bags, gloves, scarves, umbrellas. I'm guessing that is the same problem most people have... I don't think I know anyone who has enough storage in their hall...

Our lobby is long and narrow with a door at each end and no cupboard space.

Having dealt (in part) with making the old bookcase more useful and sturdy by modifying it to fit around the fuse box. I concentrated on the opposite wall. Those pipes were going to be a problem, but they could not be altered or moved.

Lobby before

Again we lightly plastered the brick wall (to create that Rushemian look) I set to work on a storage solution that would somehow encompass the pipes. We settled on storage boxes from IKEA. We have some of these in our utility room and they seriously help with the clutter. A whole wall of them ought to do the trick in our lobby.

They are plastic so withstand the mud and the wet, which are common factors in rural Scotland. The boxes are deep enough that they will hide the pipes and they also provide a handy shelf.

Hot water pipes in the lobby - Our Handmade Home

Our woodburner sits on the other side of this wall and heats all our hot water during winter. I removed the scabby insulation and began cutting a box to fit around the pipes. A drill (fitted with a hole saw) and a fine tooth saw was all I needed, the plastic was fairly easy to cut. I gave the pipes about 1cm clearance, you wouldn't want the plastic in contact with hot pipes. Once mounted on the wall I knew this was the right solution for us.

Cutting IKEA trones box - Our Handmade Home

I mounted them with substantial wall plugs and screws - so I know they will stand up to the kids swinging on them....
Kids, if you ever read this... DON'T SWING ON THEM!

Wall of Trones boxes in Lobby - Our Handmade Home

Looking pretty good, even if I do say so myself.

Oh and this was my first time drilling into brick, I nailed it... I mean... I.... never mind...

With 7 on the wall already I have 3 left to mount. They hold LOADS of crap (I'm not showing you inside, cause it's mess in there, but that is kinda the whole point)

The box where the pipes are, I'm thinking will be for wet gloves etc during winter? We will see. I will be putting some insulation back on the pipes before then... lest there be melted plastic.

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