Friday 2 September 2016

Lobby Renovation - Part 3

Our lobby is well on the way to becoming an actual lobby - rather than being a storage solution for tools we were to lazy to take to the shed.

If you are at all interested you can click to read PART 1 and PART 2 - I know y'all will, cause it is such an intriguing tale.

One of the first things I did after treating the dry rot was start to get the walls plastered.

We are going for that rough painted stone look (maybe there is a name for it? I don't know) We have a wall like this in our livingroom and in Teeny's room too... it is a kind of rustic-bohemian-industrial look...
I shall call it 'Rushemian'

Rustic white wall - our handmade home
Our Rushemian rough plastered wall
Just for comparison, this is (a blurry photo of) how we started.

To get the look I 'paint' on a top coat lime plaster over a cleaned up stone, brick or rubble wall - standard construction of old Scottish cottages is 'rubble wall'. After it is painted it gives a really tactile surface.

So the walls are mostly finished *squee!!
only the trickiest bits left *boo


So there was this old billy bookcase (you know, the one from IKEA that EVERYBODY has)  You may remember it as the 'bookcase full of crap' from this earlier post.

Well despite it being a good and sturdy bookcase we didn't look after it and well... the back fell off a long time ago, I don't know what happened or where it ended up but it has been backless and used for crap dumping for about 5 years *embarrassed face.

Anyway, long story short and looking to find a quick 'do for now' solution. I took a saw to the old boy.

sawing - our handmade home

I grabbed a couple of brackets from a box of miscellany to screw it in place...

then a tin of white paint...

billy bookcase to box in fuse box - our handmade home

I mean, it's not brilliant but it serves as storage and boxing in all our fuse boxes and gubbins... and it is sooooo much better than before. We'll probably stick a couple of doors on it, the rest of the old plaster will be chipped away, conduit for those cables and the gaps at the sides will be filled so it will be much more fitted ... but I am chuffed it looks this good already.

More updates on the lobby coming soon (y'know, when I can remember to take the photos and get them up here)

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