Wednesday 28 September 2016

Lobby Renovation - Part 5

I've been up to loads of other stuff this month so we've not made much progress in the lobby, just tinkering round the edges.

I've put up hooks, loads of hooks, more hooks than you could shake a... yeah, OK, 12 hooks ... which is 12 more places to hang a coat than we had last month. Woot!

Hooks on a brick wall

We dug out an old picture frame which we bought 14 years ago, for our first flat.... awwww! We spray painted it matt black and I mounted an Ordnance Survey Explorer map in it.

Who doesn't love a good OS map?

Framed OS Explorer Map - Our Handmade Home

We like to walk lots and live in a good location for it, I thought this would be a cute addition to a hallway, though I can't tell you how wrong it felt taking scissors to an OS map.

I still need to decide where it is going and drill into a stone to mount it. I absolutely love how it has turned out, reminds me of a walkers pub somewhere in the highlands.

Then, in a moment of inspired madness I painted the front door yellow.*

yellow door hallway renovation

Its growing on me and certainly brightens up the room.

*Painting the INSIDE of our scabby front door led me to filling, sanding and painting the OUTSIDE of our scabby front door.
Which led me to filling, sanding and painting some tiny little cracks in the masonry around the outside of the front door... the old paint in the tin was not the same colour as the old paint on the wall after fading for 6 years...
Which led to a trip to Homebase, £50 on new paint and a weekend painting the front of the house.
Which explains why I haven't made much progress in the hall.

Sorry, no photos of the front of our house, less we get mobbed by unruly blog fans demanding autographs.

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